With most of any spare time I’m actually getting to do any work on the computer, I’m trying to concentrate mainly on getting some considerable content (i.e. Live Band and gig photos etc…) on to www.reverberation.co.uk , my main website.
I am now considering what route to take with the reviews section. When it 1st came to my mind to start this, I had full intent on sectioning this off into a sort of “magazine style” thing with different pieces on live gig reviews, new, old and my classic album releases and generally personal views and feelings on anything musical.
I still want to approach something like this but for now I think this will drop into the background whilst I try to find some sort of new approach to this.
I just feel that I’m still trying to find that missing piece….


The great debut album produced by the under estimated Owen Morris who has worked in the past with the likes of The Verve and Oasis went straight in at Number 1 this week.

Here’s my review of the album…

Comin Down is a fast introduction to what The View sound like live and loses none of this in the studio, which serves as a great opening track leading into Superstar Tradesman a song about how your family and everyone around you try and talk you out of your quest for musical stardom by giving you the ‘get a trade son’ lecture (referring to the building trade) then you can persue your music and have something to fall back on. I think it’s a good job they ignored this advice and all jacked in their trades and gave us this!

Same Jeans is a catchy tune and singalong song with down to earth lyrics that is currently sitting at Number 3 in the singles and downloads chart, with Don’t Tell Me following this I could only see it as more of an album filler.The versatilty of the band is shown in the next one Skag Trendy with Bassist Kieren switching to Vocals and Guitar to deliver us a message on the impact of drugs? and frontman Kyle thumping out the bouncing Bass line.

Next up is The Don, the council estate dream, nothing to do but sit around the shops having a laugh with your mates, then it’s Face For The Radio a simple acoustic song showing great harmonies and a softer side to the band proving how good songwriters they are.

Wasted Little Djs is for me their best song to date and no doubt will be the song that everyone is waiting for at every gig and festival they do this year. It’s then wishing you were at your Gran’s For Tea while your stood in a mile long queue at the chippy. Dance Into The Night is a jumping fast song that goes down well live everytime and Claudia another slower song, both are good in their own ways but I think the next two songs Streetlights and Wasteland compliment each other and close the album well, with one describing a walk around any council estate or scheme at night looking over your shoulder and the other a fast ska like beat with a look into the life of a downtrodden estate.

I take my ‘Hat Off To The Buskers’ with 40 minutes and 50 seconds of great music from the Dryburgh boys.

When I 1st read that James were getting back together for a reunion tour (with a new album also in the wings) and it was the original three that had decided to do it, I was checking the calender and the bank balance to see when and where I would be heading to see probably one of the best live bands I have ever seen.

I knew that it would be the usual big main venues ending up in Manchester at the M.E.N, unfortunately I’ll not be at that one this time due to logistics but I’ll be in Glasgow at the Acadamy on Saturday 21st April.

With this gig and the Arctic Monkeys at Lancashire County Cricket Club in July, I’ve a few holidays, hotels and trains to book…